Monday, February 23, 2009

Yoon in trouble with EMT Union

Sam Yoon asssumed he had the endorsement of the Boston EMT Union according to today's Herald. They apparently don't agree with him.

A copy of the invitation is here:

Sam Yoon
Invites you to a Lunar New Year Fundraiser
for his Mayoral Campaign
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
6:00 - 8:30pm
Chau Chow Restaurant
699 Morrissey Boulevard
Dorchester, MA
Click here to donate to this event
Host committee:

Byonghak An, Rebecca Lee, James & Carmen Bowen, Jeremy Liu & Hiroko Kikuchi, Peter Cavallaro, Myeong Ho Lowe, Linda Champion, Wataru Matsuyasu, Caroline Chang, Peter Munkenbeck & Renata von Tscharner, Nick & Eva Chau, Jennifer & Yasuna Murakami, George Chin, Hyoun Park, Hiep Chu, David & Yoonhee Rhee, Susan Egmont, Robert Schmalz, EMT Division - BPPA, May &Tetsuo Takayanagi, Jonathan Klein & Amy Schottenfels, Toan Vinh Than, Aunt Mai Ha, Michael Tow, Paul Lee & Renee Inomata, Leverett Wing

Please RSVP using the contribute link

Contact Frank with questions at 617-569-2194 or

Interesting to see George Chin on that list, I believe he has worked with the Mayor in the past. Certainly a problem to mention a union endorsing your fundraiser without asking them first.

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