Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The politicos don't seem to like me very much

The last week has been a brutal one in the political world. On the more serious side, one of my campaign people got robbed in Allston by 3 young men after a campaign event. The police told him there was not much chance they would be caught, so a police report wasn't even filed as my friend just wanted to put it behind him. At least the crime statistics won't go up.

Sam Yoon's campaign manager threatened me on Friday. He was mad at me for actually believing that when Sam Yoon told me in person that I could set up a meeting with him, that Sam actually meant that I could set up a meeting with him. Silly me for thinking a Boston elected official who talks about transparency and honesty meant what he said.

Today in court, the now retired Paul Walkowski came to see the Open Meeting Law being discussed in court. After the hearing, Walkowski came up to me in a threatening tone and said "What are you up?". I replied "what do you mean?", He repeated the question, and I the answer. He then said "Are you a socio?", and I again replied "what do you mean?".

He then got more coherent and more agitated and said "So you think I'm the scam of the week?" and I replied, "yes I do". At this point I realized he had been reading my blog! He then raised his voice even further and said in a threatening tone "Get out of here!!" At this point the Court Officer got involved, and took control and told him to control himself and that this behavior is not allowed in court.

No wonder I still haven't received a reply from Flaherty or Yoon about why they suspended the City rules to give this guy a $20,000 raise to write a report on how to circumvent the Open Meeting Law and boost his pension. Who wants to associate with a guy who comes to court and threatens people?

Needless to say but Michael Flaherty didn't come to court to espouse the virtues of transparency today.

Rough game this politics in Boston, you've got to be tough! I'll just keep on knocking on doors, writing down thoughts, and not threaten people. I wasn't brought up that way.


the zak said...

An ironic guy, he didn't make available the entire report he prepared. The report should be made available on the web.

the zak said...

The Honorable Michael P. Ross
Boston City Council

Dear Councilor Ross, By email please send the last stenographic machine record you obtained for a public meeting of our Boston City Council. Councilors obtain stenographic machine records of some Council public meetings.