Thursday, February 26, 2009

Transparency Suggestion for Flaherty & Yoon

I sent the following email to Councilors Flaherty and Yoon. Councilor Flaherty has been proposing that certain boards have their meetings available on video. How about leading the way with your own meetings?

My email:

Dear Councilor Flaherty and Yoon,

Why don't you propose (or just start doing) taping or streaming live all of the city council meetings, such as the ones you hold in the Curley room or in
City Council offices. I would think the public would be very interested in the meetings about the budget and the schools that you recently held in the Curley
room, as people are very concerned about the services they receive and the state of the schools.

Thank you,
Kevin McCrea

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the zak said...

Check out our Boston City Council library... Council documents, archives and other Council materials of the Council library should be more available for research and study.

Who is the key person at this library?... it had been J. Bernstein.

"The City Council maintains a reference library which is open to city employees, students and the general public. The library contains City Council Minutes, Municipal Registers and City Documents dating from the early 1800’s to the present. In addition, the library contains current publications relating to municipal law and finance."