Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mayor Menino fails with Boston About Results

I was called by a reporter yesterday about Menino's newest claim to transparency with the publishing of Boston About Results. As I was talking with the reporter I was going through the website and looking at what an insult to Bostonian's intelligence these published results are.

For example, take a look at his school page. We are supposed to believe that 3 years worth of data on an 800 million dollar department can be explained in one page with a bar graph and a pie chart???

There is a vicious cycle going on in this country. We don't provide the proper education of our children, as evidenced by the fact that only 1 in 8 Boston High School students get a college degree. Because they don't get the advanced education they need, they can't get the good jobs, and they don't get the training they need to do the critical analysis of their political leaders. They don't demand a good fourth estate to critically look at what our political leaders are putting out for information. The whole society degrades when we do not get proper education.

Where is an editorial from the Globe or Herald about what a joke these results are. Yoon and Flaherty are right on in their criticism of these "results".

I was knocking on doors in Brighton two days ago and a resigned older resident said to me "what can you do about it?". I answered, that you can run for office and work hard to hold them accountable. The elite in this country want the people to think there is nothing they can do about it, that way they can get away with back room deals and siphoning off our money and our assets while providing us with poor schools and facilities.

We need to change this pattern, please write letters to the editors, and help us in our campaign to provide great education and involve an active citizenry in the decision making process to Boston.

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the zak said...

The Honorable William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

pre at

Dear Secretary Galvin,

No reply.
Please prevail upon The Honorable Boston City Council President Michael P. Ross at to provide public access instead of the deflecting, the delay, the denial of reply to public requests to read the stenographic machine records of the last public meeting of our Boston City Council...

_ _ _ _ _ COPY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
To: Ross, Michael P.

Subject: WWW / Please send the stenographic machine records of the last Boston City Council public meeting...

This message was sent from the City of Boston's Web Site.

----------Beginning of Message----------
Please send the stenographic machine records of the last Boston City Council public meeting...

The Honorable Michael P. Ross
Boston City Council

By email please send the stenographic machine records of the last Boston City Council public meeting...