Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teaching and Learning today-Motorcycle Safety

We went door knocking in Cedar Grove and other areas of Dorchester yesterday, a bit cold in the morning but by afternoon very nice. It is a great area, clean streets, well kept houses, and our voter database lists showed virtually everyone living there voted. There clearly is a correlation between voter participation and how well a community is maintained. I think in 5 hours of handing out flyers and talking with people, there were only 5 houses that I passed that didn't have voters in them.

I'm off today to my annual Massachusetts Rider Education Program annual safety update. I've been a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor for about 15 years and every winter we take a day to find out what is new and important in motorcycle safety.

I will be giving a presentation to the group this year about applying the tools we teach in our basic rider course to taking a trip around the world.

Enjoy your weekend!

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