Sunday, February 22, 2009

McCrea v. Flaherty: Suffolk Superior Court room 306 Tuesday at 2 pm

I'm spending my Sunday night going over nearly 4 years of court documents in the McCrea v. Flaherty and Boston City Council case where the Mayor and the City Council have spent somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000 of taxpayer money defending the right to have closed door meetings and deprive the public of access to the decision making going on. All of them are complicit in this, from Menino to Flaherty to Yoon on down.

In addition, not a single city councilor has taken one step in the court room on this case. So, if a public citizen wants to file an open meeting case he or she can expect to spend years filing motions, going to court all on their own expense while the guilty party, the elected officials, never have to come to court, get to use taxpayer funded attorneys to defend them and not have to spend any time or effort on it. Seems kind of unfair to me, how about to you?

Somehow, despite Michael Flaherty saying at the Rotary Meeting that he believes in transparency I don't think we will see his BU legal degree at work telling the court about how transparent the City Council is now.

I think the citizens of this City and this country are getting pretty fed up with this elite class not answering for their misdeeds, and making the citizens pay their piper.

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