Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will the Mayor (if re-elected) serve out his four years?

One of the rumors that has been going around the campaign trail this past year is whether Tom Menino will resign sometime during his last term. The story goes that Rob Consalvo (allegedly his 'secret' God son if you believe comments left on blogs !!??!!) will be elected city council president and then Menino will resign making Consalvo the acting Mayor with enough time to coalesce power and continue the dynasty with the same front room and back room players in place.

Now first of all I want to say that I like Rob Consalvo, and he has always been more than a gentleman to my wife and me. He is a bit over effusive in his praise of the Mayor, "and thanks to the Mayor" seems to be his most common phrase. But, Rob has said he loves his job where he is, and the Mayor and others have said absolutely that he is going to serve all four years.

But, it wouldn't be the first time a politician says one thing and does another and leaves for a higher job (see Flynn, Mayor Raymond). I have spoken to three City Councilors in the last couple weeks who have told me adamantly that they think this is the plan. I have been shocked at how I benignly bring this topic up, and how animated they get in assuring me that they think this is the plan (off the record of course).

Councilor Tobin has introduced legislation that would call for an election if this transfer were to happen. It would be an interesting question to ask all of the City Council candidates where they stand on this issue. You would think that Mayoral aspirants such as Tobin, Connolly, Pressley, Ross and Arroyo would be against it.

Does anyone know when this might come up for a vote?

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