Wednesday, October 28, 2009

City of Boston refusing to turn over simple information

As I've reported before, the City assigned an attorney, Maribeth Cusick, to directly answer my Freedom of Information requests. Back in July in response to Michael Flaherty talking about the lack of minorities in City Hall, the Mayor's press secretary Dot Joyce said: Councilor Flaherty’s remarks are completely off-base,” Menino spokesperson Joyce later told the Gazette. “I have 21 pages of Excel spreadsheets that have Latinos in city government, and that’s not even counting the Boston Public Schools.”

So on July 10 I sent a FOIA request to Ms. Cusick for those 21 pages of Excel spreadsheets.

Should be a pretty easy request, just email me the excel spreadsheets, should take about 5 minutes. But, surprise, surprise, the City has not turned over that information. (Apparently they are working hard on their Facebook pages)

Just last Thursday Ms. Cusick sent me an email promising me the information on Friday, of course I haven't received it yet. Her most recent reply:


I think I'll have that for you tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay.


I wonder if I make a complaint to the Board of Bar Overseers that she is complicit in unlawful behavior by the Menino administration if I might get a quicker response. The City is clearly in lockdown phase and is not giving out any information to anyone in the last couple of months. I have made other information requests and am met with a stonewall. But, this has been the modus operandi of this administration and our current elected officials and the citizens don't seem to mind. Don't you wish we could tell the IRS to blow off when they ask us for information?

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Christopher King said...

Yes I know, I just went through holy heck trying to get the Internal Affairs docs regarding a certain police officer (Patrick Morrison) who has had a lot of complaints.

But if you think Boston is bad, try New Hampshire: No personnel file information at all, and on the testing regarding relevant personality traits, nothing but blacked-out redaction, and I mean when I got the document they did it GOOD -- way to get any letters or words or check marks or anything out of it.

Haarrrummmppphh.... Wonder why?


-The KingCaster