Thursday, October 29, 2009

FOIA request update

After blogging about the lack of response by the City on my 3 month old FOIA request, surprise, surprise, I got the information yesterday.

The City has about 2200 Hispanics on their Excel list of Hispanic workers. In her comments to the Jamaica Plain Gazette she said that her list didn't even include the numbers in the school department. Well, contrary to what she said, in fact a huge amount of the Hispanics on the list are in the school system. They also list a number of part time employees, people who are on leave, and even poll workers who (I believe) are just contract workers who work a few days a year for a set fee.

So, even with including these other categories there are less than 14% of the City workforce who are Hispanics. Not a bad number, but less than their percentage in Boston.

Why did it take 3 months to just pass this along? What is it like pulling teeth to get any information from City Hall?

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