Thursday, October 08, 2009

Email shenanigans

The City of Boston has posted 5,000 emails, of course not in readable form.

The AG is not doing anything. The DA is coming up on 11 months since I requested they look into an open meeting law violation of the Boston Licensing Board relating to the Wilkerson corruption case. They have done nothing other than send a couple letters and have indicated to me that they won't be doing anything about it.

On our open meeting suit we asked both the AG and the DA to enforce the law and they refused to take the cases.

This is what we have in MA with one party rule. We have a banana republic where there are no laws, we only have what the powers that be want to enforce. Frankly, a joke. When I think of what our Founding Fathers went through to give us the rule of law, and what we have now, it is very depressing.

I highly recommend 'The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Kline, it really explains how the big capitalists that run the world economy are running things and bringing pain to people in this country and around the world, both literal and physical.

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the zak said...

Ask for copies of the files of the messages as composed in the editing software. The files are searchable data. The files are public record and can be sent by email.