Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sign up to Volunteer for Scotland Willis' City Council at Large campaign

Apparently there are 71 positions open for Scotland Willis campaign for Boston City Council at Large. See his posting at Craigslist: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/pol/968200118.html

I've never heard of the gentleman, but I agree with him that education is the number one priority.

Good luck! Here are the positions you can volunteer for:

1. Campaign Manager
2. Media Strategist
3. Strategist for Communications and Message
4. Senior Advisor
5. Chief Operating Officer
6. Chief of Staff
7. Chief Financial Officer
8. Political Director
9. Constituency Director
10. Latino Vote Director
12. African American Vote Director
13. Jewish Vote Director/Advisor on Mideast Policy
14. Senior Policy Advisor/Jewish Outreach Coordinator
15. Asian American and Pacific Islander Vote Director
16. First Americans Vote Director
17. First Americans Vote Deputy Director
18. Ethnic Vote Director
19. Gay & Lesbian Vote Director
20. Disablity Vote Director
21. Veterans Director
22. Women for Scotland
23. African American Relations
24. Director for Hispanic Relations
25. Women's Field Director
26. Senior Advisor
27. Director of Religious Affairs
28. Deputy Director of Religious Affairs
29. Catholic Outreach Coordinator
30. Evangelical Outreach Coordinator
31. Youth Vote Director
32. Field Director
37. Senior Advisor
38. Communications Director
39. Deputy Communications Director
40. Press Secretary / Spokesman
41. Area Communications
43. Director of Rapid Response
44. Director of Speech-writing
45. Speechwriter
46. Policy Strategist
47. Security Coordinator
48. Research Director
49. Senior Producers: Jon Jones, Scott Thomas.
50. Design Lead: - Brand strategist
51. Online Organizers:
52. External Online Director:.
53. Blogger:.
54. Writers:
55. Video: (Director of Video Production)
56. Director of Field Production.
57. E-mail: (lead), (writer, producer), (writer/analyst), (writer/producer).
58. Internet Advertising: an internet marketing expert.
59. Data Analyst (trends)
60. Phonebank Coordinator
61. Polling
62. Direct Mail
63. Chief Technology Officer
64. Database Manager voter file manager, redistricting consultant, and union organize
65. Scheduling and Advance
66. Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff
67. Director of Correspondence
68. Finance Director
Congressional / Elected Officials Team
69. Elected officials (City Council members/ Mayor/ Senate/ Congressional)
70. Director of Delegate Operations
71. Director of Senate relations

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