Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Public Integrity Task Force hearing tomorrow-go and voice your displeasure!

The Governors task force which is meeting in secret to talk about ethics (Jumbo Shrimp, Military Intelligence, secret ethics?- notice a pattern) is having a public hearing tomorrow at 3:30 pm where the citizens can come and air their grievances and suggest solutions. Please go if you can!

They are asking people to submit their testimony in advance (!?), maybe to eliminate any real rabble rousers, hopefully just to streamline things. Good for Pam Wilmot of Common Cause who is on the committee for saying that all the meetings need to be held in public. Maybe she could record the meetings and release them to the press and public, post them on Youtube.

Here is the email someone sent me with the info:

Wednesday, 3:30 pm, Room A-2

Website also says to tell them if one is planning to testify and send the testimony in advance. Hmmm....screening the testimony?

"Please indicate whether you intend to testify and submit your advance written testimony to: Integrity.TaskForce@massmail.state.ma.us"


Anonymous said...

This is incredibly important -- we need ethics reform in Massachusetts, and this task force is a step in the right direction.

the zak said...

What's needed is a look into the problematical lack of access to public meetings and public records of the Boston City Council.

Boston City Council Staff Director Ann Braga and the office of the Council President haven't been complying with Sunshine open public meetings principles and Freedom of Information FOI public records principles of open government.

Minutes of public meetings of the Boston City Council are made into too brief an edited version to be understood by citizens interested in or concerned with proceedings and transactions at the public meetings. Boston City Clerk and Assistant City Clerk haven't responded substantively and are in denial to concerns about the Council Minutes.

Among a hundred or so Boston City Council staff the budgeted Council City Stenographer from E. Fritch Stenographic Associates hasn't been making available the stenographic machine records of the public meetings and keep the stenographic machine records at home.

Boston City Council central staff and Councilors' staffs need better training and supervision on a continuing basis about Sunshine open public meetings principles and Freedom of Information FOI public records principles of open government.

Boston City Council Staff Director emotionally extorts "cooperation" by threatening to take citizens off public mailing lists for public notices of the Council's public meetings and Committees' public meetings.