Friday, December 12, 2008

Going BIG!

I've been having fierce negotiations this week to bring my blog to a Bigger audience.
Hopefully I will have an announcement next week.

First a few thoughts while looking at City Budget numbers:

In 2006, the City Parks Department had 200 employees. The 1/1/09 projected budget has the Parks department at 212 employees. Why have we cut the number of Park Rangers as Mike Ross reports in his state of the Boston Common report? Clearly it isn't because of lack of personnel.

There is yet another source of revenue for the Parks Department: The non profit Fund for Parks and Recreation that none other than Mike Ross used to be a board member of and may still be now. How much do they have and how much are they giving to the parks.

A guy that occasionally works for me recently requested a $6,000 loan from the Department of Neighborhood Development to put in a heating system. Instead they gave him $10,000 at 0 percent interest for as long as he owns the property. Who says the City doesn't have any money?!

Did you know the City of Boston has 29 full time employees in the Graphic Arts department? What the heck do they do?

Finally, although the Boston Licensing Board is appointed by the Governor (without posting!) the members and the staff are all paid by the City of Boston. When Menino says he has no influence on what the Board does, I, for one, don't believe him one bit. Not from the guy who says he knows what is going on everywhere in the City.

Happy Holidays!!


sdp10 said...

Think Big...Be Big

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Who are the people on the board?...