Monday, December 29, 2008

Contribute to the Campaign to Elect Kevin McCrea before 2009!

You only have two days left to contribute to my campaign before the end of the year.

Please send checks to "committee to elect Kevin McCrea" at 218 west springfield street, boston, ma 02118.

Remember you can only donate $500 per year, so if you were thinking of giving me a $1000 handshake, you should split it up into two equal handshakes of $500, one now and one after the stroke of midnight wednesday!

Thanks for the support!

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the zak said...

History is what you think of when you think of the city of Boston. Yet the history of city hall departments needs to be made more accessible to those of us with strong interests in municipal governmental history. Routinely public access is deflected or blocked for public meetings and to public records regardless of what officials claim about transparency. A Mayoral Directive and a Boston City Council Order are needed for the more routine transmittal of public city documents to our Government Documents Department of Boston Public Library. In addition to the city archives city departments keep their own archives but deflect interest when approached. City Hall needs to open up to the people with interests in governmental history. Even the City Council offices and the City Clerk enunciate principles of openness and transparency but don't put into practice the principles enunciated. For example, the City Council library isn't available to you, you're deflected when you ask about the Council's library. Maybe a panel, task force, committee or commission would get these officials to recognize that in spite of their good intent openness and transparency isn't happening in practice.