Friday, December 08, 2006

What a surprise, the trial has been put off....

Less than 36 hours before the trial was to start, counsel for the defense Eve Stacy "happened" to be in front of the judge as she described it to me, and the city council trial set to start this morning has been postponed indefinitely.

There is a hearing at 2 pm today to rule on their motion to dismiss, the Mayor's testimony, and hopefully to set a trial date.

As many people have predicted, they will NEVER take the stand. They will do whatever it takes to avoid having to go under oath and tell the truth.

Such heros of integrity to look up to, our elected officials. They keep saying to the court, we don't want to delay, we don't want to delay, but virtually every day I get another motion from them opposing this, quashing that,

Don't fight the Man, it's not good for your health!

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