Friday, December 08, 2006

Denied, Denied, Denied!!!-City Council to Stand Trial, Mayor may testify

For Whom does the Bell Toll?

In a clear indication that the blogging world is having some effect on the closed doors of City Hall, the attorney for the Mayor today in Court told the Judge that if he made Tom Menino testify, then "KEVIN MCCREA WILL BLOG ABOUT IT!", and then started to describe the headline from one of my blogs in November!

The judge kind of screwed up his face as if to say 'what is the relevance of whether Kevin McCrea blogs about something'. That line of reasoning didn't go very far.

Thanks for the Shout Out for my Blog in court today, Mrs. Eve Piemonte Stacy! (atty for the City) I'm glad someone reads my blog! I know that the Mayor doesn't because he doesn't use a computer according to the papers.

All kidding aside, there was positive news in court today. The City had its motion for summary judgement denied, had it's motion to deny testimony from the Compensation Advisory Board denied and in regard to their motion to keep the Mayor from testifying the judge ruled that he will hear the councilors testimony and then decide whether testimony from the Mayor is pertinent.

Trial starts Tuesday at 9 am! Courtroom 304, Suffolk Superior Court. Larry Dicara maybe the first to take the stand.

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Bruce said...

Great post!

As if you woudln't blog about it had the judge ruled in favor of the city using the "But, he'll blog about it" defense.