Friday, December 01, 2006

Open Meeting Law trial set for Next Friday, Dec. 8

The subpeona's have been served to Mayor Menino, Larry Dicara, City Clerk Salerno & others, all the councilors are on notice to be in Court next Friday, pre-trial memo's have been submitted to the court and counsel for the council says she isn't pulling any tricks out of her bag to avert the trial. It is scheduled to start in courtroom 304, Suffolk Superior Court, Judge Connelly residing at 9 a.m.

Will these politicians really take the stand under oath starting next week on how they came to approve 17 percent pay raises for themselves without a single public meeting? It would appear so, unless something out of the blue happens.

Meanwhile, City Councilor at large Felix Arroyo is ignoring the fact that he is on trial and was noticed as a witness and is spending the month in Venezuala. He is already gone and won't be back until December 31st. His office says that he works "harder in election years". At least he voted against the pay raise, knowing full well that the money could be better spent on harder working people like cops or youth workers. Jerry McDermott will be in Ireland for a week of vacation with his family during the trial so we have agreed to take him out of order and testify first on Friday.

Next time you are looking at your real estate taxes think about running for office so that you can vote yourself a 17 percent raise outside the public view and then go on vacation in non-election years.

The council also has the audacity to request a recess of the trial for that Wednesday so they can hold a city council meeting. How important could that meeting be when council members are scheduling vacations during that time?

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Anonymous said...

Ask for the Council stenographic machine output unedited record of Council debate.

The stenographic machine output can be made available on the web.