Sunday, December 03, 2006

Globe Editiorial-Force of Will needed in schools

In today's sunday Globe there is an editorial: The ABC's of high achievement. It gives it's number one way to improve education as Sheer Force of Will. It then goes on to use an example of a college prep school with a large percentage of poor and minority children where virtually all of the children pass the required exams and go on to higher learning opportunities. They cite the time that teachers spend and the insistence on knowledge and performance from all those involved.

This is why when I ran for City Council I promised, in black and white, to visit every school in the Boston School System within the two years of the term. To impress upon the students, the parents, the teachers, the administrators that they mattered and that education is important and that City Government recognizes that, encourages that, and will be involved as a partner. We spend 40 percent or more of our taxes on the schools, wouldn't you want to see how that money is spent?

The Iraq War and the deceit of the Republicans, in particular the Bush Administration are what motivated me to get involved in politics. I had to do something to try and bring honesty and integrity to the political realm. As the saying goes, think Globally and act locally. I really had no idea just how poorly run and corrupt the government of the City of Boston is. As a contractor I had seen my share of insider development deals, no show paid details, corrupt water and sewer employees, etc. but I brushed it off as just the way a big City operates.

However, the more I learned during my candidacy and the more I learn and see now that I am involved in these lawsuits involving good honest government and paying closer attention to City Hall, the more I am outraged. If one looks objectively at the City of Boston they see rising crime rates, underperforming schools, and level at best services. Meanwhile the cost of living in the City through taxes is going up by 10% or so a year.

What is the response to these issues from our elected officials? The Mayor is orchestrating to give away 100 to 300 million dollars of taxpayer land for free to an extremely rich developer
so that a 1000 foot tower as a tribute to his greatness will be built. If we sold that property at market value every taxpayer in the City would get a tax cut, not a tax increase this year. Not to mention the zoning code that does not allow for a 1000 foot tower in that location. But when did the rules ever stop these guys? Rules, we don't need no stinkin' rules!

The City Councilors are taking other jobs to pad their income, spending 5 weeks in Venezuala, 10 days in Ireland, going to law school, skipping City Council meetings to babysit, etc. It does not seem like they are applying a lot of Force of Will to correct the direction the City is heading in, let alone spending time visiting all of the Public schools in the City to let our progeny know that we believe in their future.

Maybe they don't.

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