Thursday, August 17, 2006

World Premiere of Spike Lee's new movie

When the Levees broke was premiered here in New Orleans tonight, where it was 109 degrees today according to temperature index. Latest news in New Orleans is that stolen tools are being sold door to door, and the drug dealers are learning spanish to expand their business prospects. The invisible hand of capitalism is not so invisible!

The movie was excellent, and really captures the trauma, the heartbreak, the lack of honesty (and transparency) of the government, and the frustration of the CITIZENS of New Orleans. It will make you cry, but surprisingly will make you laugh very much as well. There is a very dark and prevalent sense of humor down here, almost nothing is out of bounds.

Best lines/scenes:

about George Bush: "he's giving C students around the world a bad name

Mayor Nagin about Air Force One: "I call it the pimpmobile"

A woman was asked when she was going to get power on in her FEMA trailer:
"probably when I decide to give someone a blowjob"

Of course, George Bush surrounded by white guys: "you're doing a heckuva job, Brownie"

This movie will be aired on HBO in a couple weeks in two parts, as it is about 4 hours long. It was shown tonight at the New Orleans arena, across the street from the Superdome, which was a bit disturbing as many of the scenes included dead bodies laying in the road just outside where we were watching. This movie brings back how incredible it is that this happened in America, with days going by without any help.

It also highlighted why education is the key to success, and how New Orleans worst in the nation school system helped play into this disaster.


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