Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chris Gabrieli called me!!!

I got a voice recording from Chris Gabrieli today, and apparently he reads the same political playbook as Sam Yoon, Patricia White and most other politicians. Chris let me know "I know we can do better", which is a huge difference actually from "we need to do better" which is the refrain I most heard from the city council candidates last year.

This is probably why Gabrieli is a multi millionaire and they are not. He is an innovative, creative thinker.

As Clara says: "we need to find people who are better at doing better instead of people who need to do better at needing to do better".

In his short voice message he identified the problems facing Massachusetts, said that he knew we could do better and that he wanted to be held accountable and then asked me to press #2 to indicate my support. I pressed number 2 to find out what happens next, and I got a blank, dead phone line.

I wonder if they are going to count all the #2's pressed as some sort of show of support from people at home working at 2 pm on a Sunday.

On a related note, I hear that Charlotte Golar Richie has told Tom Menino that she will be supporting Deval Patrick in the Governor's race. Good for her for standing up for who she likes, and not being afraid to speak her mind against the local machine that Menino will put behind Reilly.

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