Friday, August 11, 2006

We have our day in court with the City Council Scheduled!!

Thanks to the persistent efforts of Kathleen Devine, Suffolk Superior Court has finally given us a date for the City Council to answer in court for their "alleged" transgressions against the citizens of Boston.

I'm not getting my hopes up, as I'm sure that they will have some new legal tricks we aren't aware of ready to try.

Alternatively, they may want to get this over with, be found guilty and then revote on the city council raises, and the mayor's raise as currently the longer this goes on the more chance they will have to return money to the good citizens of Boston.

stay tuned...

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the sak said...

One of the difficulties of the postings for public meetings of council committeess is the arcane wording of the public notices for the public meetings. The wording is offputting. An absurd requirement is included for multiple copies of submissions which would be a burden on the citizen.

Arriving at public meetings of council committees people are intimidated by council staff.