Thursday, May 12, 2005

On the BRA trail in Roxbury

My fiancee and I attended a BRA forum on zoning changes (sound familiar?) Gareth Saunders, Chuck Turner and Charles Yancey were there along with concerned Roxbury residents listening to the re-processed BRA speech about why allowing buildings in smaller lots is a "good thing." Yeah, right! Nobody was buying what the BRA was selling at this meeting! One Roxbury resident in fact was so offended by the BRA's proposal that she asked the speaker: "Sir, are you a moral man?" At the Q&A session, Kevin decided to take a poll and asked all those in attendance to raise their hands if they agreed with what the BRA was proposing, no hands. Then he asked for people to raise their hands if they disagreed with the proposed "clarification of the code", all hands shot up! We've decided to help out the BRA and conduct this kind of poll at every one of their meetings that we are able to attend. You know, help them keep tabs on how their idea is playing out across the city! The BRA might not believe in democracy, but Kevin and I do and he's going to help them see how the process works. Then it was off to the Fenway High School to a Project Hip Hop fundraiser that Kevin was graciously invited to speak at by Shawnte Smith, for beloved teacher Obain Attouoman who has been on the brink of being deported. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to speak, but I did get a chance to meet some great kids and gather some more signatures for my plight to get Kevin on the ballot. NOTE: This blog was submitted by Dr. Clara Lora, betrothed to Kevin McCrea.

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