Saturday, May 07, 2005

May 7, 2005 Update

It has been another exhausting week. I've been working 8 to 12 hours a day on my construction projects, then going out each night campaigning. In addition Shirley Kressel, Kathleen Devine and I filed suit against the Boston City Council to enforce the Open Meeting Law.

On Monday I went to a meeting in Roxbury about bridging the achievement gap between the black and hispanic students in the BPS with the asian and white students. Felix Arroyo, Chuck Turner, and Thomas Payzant were there. I asked Mr. Payzant how much we spend on busing, and he indicated about 50 million dollars. More about that later on the campaign trail.

Tuesday was Jamaica Plain where Councilor Tobin had to cancel his meeting with me to attend a funeral. At the milky way, with lots of concerned neighbors and a woman from the BRA collecting signatures for the Mayor. She made sure that I knew that she was taking a day off from work to campaign for the Mayor, and that he is very strict about not allowing anybody to campaign from city hall or to misuse their position to advocate for him. She said he will fire them immediately. She didn't say why city hall was a ghost town on Tuesday.

Wednesday gave a speech at the Democracy for America group. I met Sam Yoon and Gibran Rivera for the first time. Gibran and Matt O'Malley were very complementary about my web site ---Thanks! In Mr. Yoon's speech he admitted that sometimes there is "a bit of politics involved" with the BRA but that we "shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater"
I'm not sure how the city council thinks they are going to clean up the BRA when they have given them virtually untouchable power without oversight. To address the problems of housing in this city we need to get a city planning agency that is responsible to the voters.

Thursday was Brighton for the local neighborhood meeting and Jerry McDermott's kickoff party. The two times I've met Jerry he has been incredibly friendly and nice. I appreciate his hospitality. Patricia White came up to me and graciously introduced herself. She is quite pregnant and says she is expecting in July. Best of luck!! I also met Steve Murphy and Michael Flaherty for the first time. Again, very kind. There does seem to be a genuine comraderie amongst the candidates which is encouraging to see. We all care about the city or we wouldn't be running. I look forward to an open honest discussion of the issues and what each candidate PROMISES to do if elected.


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