Monday, May 23, 2005

Mayor wasting more taxpayer money???

I heard an "unsubstantiated" report today that I thought the citizens might be interested in. I have not had the chance to check the veracity of it, perhaps some people could look into it.

Apparently in an attempt to put his name out there in public in even brighter letters the Mayor has required the DPW to require its contractors to put up new, flashier, neon-esque signs with the mayor's name on them. The interesting twist however, is that there is no money in the contracts to pay for these signs. So, the scuttlebutt is that the DPW is telling its contractors to charge extra for materials to cover the costs of these signs. For example, if a job requires 10 tons of asphalt the DPW is telling the contractors to charge for 11 tons or 12 tons, whatever the amount to cover the cost of the signs.

I wonder why when we need more money for schools, we need new "men working" type signs with the mayor's name on it?

As I stated on my website, I believe it is an incredible waste of money to put people's names on signs that will have to be changed at some point. This is money that will have to be spent at some point that can go for something much more important like books or teachers. Or maybe good street signage!

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