Monday, May 23, 2005

May 23, 2005 Update---NO DOUGHNUT ZONE!

I was impressed with today's story in the Boston Globe about councilor Mike Ross's concern for the health of city employees. Although the "no doughnut zone" might be a bit sensationalist, living a healthier lifestyle is good for all of us. Will he be a leader in introducing legislation that city workers who need to do physical activities to perform their duties be required to pass a yearly physical?

I've been very busy the last couple weeks, and I am quite exhausted. We have accumulated over 1000 signatures for the ballot I believe, and I want to thank all the people who have helped out: Shirley, Chuck, Jeff, Angela, Elisa, Bill, Kathleen, Paul, and others and of course my wonderfully supportive fiance, Clara. I also wanted to thank the gentlemen and ladies at the election department, who are VERY helpful, supportive, objective and professional. If all city services worked like they do, we'd have fewer potholes, less trash, and I wouldn't have to sue to get open and honest government.

I have worked about 21 straight days at the job I am trying to complete on time. It will be a relief to get it done and start campaigning virtually full time. I am jealous of the other candidates who have been able to take leaves of absence from their jobs!!!

Some anecdotes: I was at the south end youth baseball opening day parade where I helped put together a team to serve about 2000 hotdogs in an hour. (thanks to the other volunteers!) I had one of the 9 year olds on my team on my shoulders while I was talking to Red Sox owner Larry Lucchino. Next to him was Michael Flaherty, city council president. I said "hi mike", and put out my hand to shake his. He refused to shake my hand! In front of the kids who we teach to shake hands after each game and to be good sports. Then during the speech portion of the ceremony he spoke about sportmanship! Very hypocritical I think! Hey, Mike it is only democracy, I'm only running for office. Even though the city council voted to shorten the period of time to collect signatures (I thought democrats were in favor of democracy?), people still do have the right to run, don't they?

Another incumbent advantage is that the only things that people are allowed to put next to their names is whether they are a current or former office holder, or if they are a veteran. I believe that either nothing should be put next to people's names, or else you may put any 8 words you want as long as they aren't vulgar.

Boston should be an example to the rest of the world for open transparent government, we are the cradle of democracy after all.

Had a great brunch at Mel King's on Sunday, where I learned many things, including (again) the value of listening to people.

Well, more soon I hope, please come to my Texas Hold'em fundraiser this friday at my place at 218 west springfield street. Say hi to my future inlaws who are staying for a week, or my summer intern, jeff sostak who has been great fun and help so far!

peace, love and understanding,

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the sak said...

The election department would not put the listings of candidates on the city website.

It is abominable how city hall is lacking in the spirit of open municipal govenment.

The no sunshine attitudes continue without being addressed by councilors, mayor, clerk and assistant city clerks.

A city freedom of information, sunshine open public meetings commission is needed.