Thursday, July 02, 2009

How evident is Flaherty's Hypocrisy?

Today Flaherty is blasting Menino for the firefighter pension abuse saying that it is Menino's fault this is going on. Of course he doesn't say that he was City Council President at the time, and I certainly don't remember him speaking out about a problem with the contract, or the raises, nor speaking out when the Firefighter pension abuse scandal became public.

Here is his quote:

“It’s awful convenient of him to point the finger at someone else,’’ said Flaherty, who is challenging Menino along with Councilor at Large Sam Yoon and Boston developer Kevin McCrea. “This administration has taken zero responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Now here is Flaherty's spokesperson Natasha Perez answering the question of why Flaherty voted to give a 40% pension boost to a long time South Boston political hack Paul Walkowski:

Thank you for your question. I think dialogue is very important. I will do my best to answer your questions whenever I can. As you stated, the decision to have Paul Walkowski provide a report was a decision made by the whole City Council. There is no one currently serving in the position filled by Mr. Walkowski and no future plan to fill that position. I cannot address the elimination of that position as it is an issue for the whole City Council.

In other words, Michael is not responsible for his own vote because everyone else voted the same way. Further, he can't take a leadership position on an issue to eliminate waste because the whole council has to do this together.

What a hypocrite.

It is time that we elect politicians who will be honest with the citizens and will remember that it is the taxpayers money, not their money that they are giving away.

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