Friday, July 03, 2009

The Emperor (Menino) has no clothes

How much does Tom Menino remind you of the Hans Christian Andersen children's story about how the Emperor has no clothes?

The Emperor is too vain and only cares about clothes, not his country or his people. Two tailors sell him a "suit" that is invisible to anyone who is stupid or unfit for his position. Of course, the emperor can't see the "suit" which doesn't really exist but he pretends because he doesn't want to admit he is unfit for his position.

Today in the Herald, we have Menino's excuse as to why he won't attend two debates being held by MassVote and dozens of co-sponsors, from the Boston Teacher's Union to the NAACP, to Oiste, the list goes on and on of groups from around Boston that care about our urban life. Here is his campaign "negotiator" Ed Fouey:

Fouhy, a former CBS news executive, said yesterday that it was “doubtful” the mayor would attend the MassVOTE forums, suggesting the group “lacks the organizational capacity to sponsor a debate.”

What does that mean? You mean they can't invite a bunch of people and put 4 chairs and a microphone on a stage? I would believe that Menino might not be able to handle that on his own, but MassVOTE?

The arrogance and disregard for the people shown by Menino is truly incredible. What is more incredible is how the mainstream media in this town play along with his invisible suit as well. The TV stations and the Globe and the Herald play along with this ruse because they are afraid of his vindictiveness, and they aren't doing the fourth estate's job which is to expose what is going on.

Kudos to MassVOTE for bringing the people what they want. Kudos to Mike Flaherty and Sam Yoon for accepting the invitation. Kudos to the person who points out that the Emperor has no clothes.

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