Monday, July 06, 2009

Bay State Banner closing

Saying that the advertising revenue is down, Mr. Miller the publisher is closing it down.

I had dinner with him years ago and we had a great talk well into the evening at his home. He had some choice stories about Menino and it was clear that he did the newspaper because of his passion for advocacy not for money. Even back then he was looking for a golden donor to put in $50,000 or so and he said he could "really do some things with that money." I hope that this action serves his purpose of getting some new blood and money interested in the weekly.

It probably isn't a direct correlation, but isn't it interesting that the one newspaper in this city which outright calls for Menino to move aside is shortly in the red and can't get advertising revenue. I wonder if there is any correlation???

Maybe this is why the Globe and Herald treat Menino with kid gloves?

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