Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Day, Another idea stolen from me by Yoon

So, today, three and half years after becoming a city councilor Sam Yoon has decided that term limits are a good idea. He says two terms is what the Mayor should serve. Funny, but this has been on my website since day one of the campaign, and it is on all my printed materials.

When Menino was 12 years into his career and Yoon was wearing a "Labor for Menino" sticker on his lapel he didn't think 8 years was all that a Mayor should have. He didn't figure this out when he at the Kennedy School of Government? He hasn't thought it was important the last 3.5 years he has been in the City Council? He hasn't introduced anything to the council for these term limits. What changed over the weekend? Did he eat some bad shellfish?

I should think about changing my campaign theme to "Kevin McCrea's campaign ideas, as brought to you by 'Sam Yoon'.

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