Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why politicians and the media aren't doing their job# 1

Here is a post from kimberly atkins blog in the Herald (which is quite informative by the way).

Gubernatorial candidates talked about issues including education, welfare reform, and the minimum wage. Then, bowing to their desire to actually get a quote in the paper, issued statements on Matt Amorello’s resignation.

This says so much about the state of the nation right now. As a candidate with integrity, as I believe most if not all of the gubanatorial candidates have, you want to talk about the issues. But the press doesn't care about issues, they care about selling papers. So, they jump from one hot button issue to another, and the candidates whose life blood is exposure are forced into what for me was a quandary: do you comment on an issue that really isn't that important in the grand scheme of things to get your name out there, or do you refuse to comment.

The Globe is not much better than the Herald at this, and the followup by both papers is abysmal. Why are blogs taking off? Because intelligent, informed citizens want real news.

An example: for the talent show during last summer's campaign, the Globe called me up and wanted to take a picture of me twirling my baton. At first I refused, as the Globe only was doing "sensationalist" stories about me, no real issues like the corruption in boston politics that I was the only candidate to talk about, etc. but my campaign staff and I talked about it, and we knew we needed more exposure so we agreed to do the picture, as the Globe staff continued to call and call all afternoon. We agreed to do a certain "dignified" pose even though the Globe was dying to get a picture of me throwing it in the air.

It is too bad they don't track down real news so relentlessly.

So, is it the chicken or the egg? Are politicians not into serious issues because they are lightweights, or because they don't get any exposure for being serious, and they need exposure to win??

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