Monday, July 31, 2006

Flaherty does an end around the Open Meeting Law with new rules

Michael Flaherty has proposed new rules for the city council to deal with the open meeting law. Essentially what he is proposing is that committee chairs, hand picked by him, can submit committee reports to the whole council without talking with or meeting with the other members of the committee they chair.

So, the question is, why even have a committee at all??? What Flaherty seems inclined to do is not to have any interaction between councilors, or public discussion of issues. Not sure how well that serves the public. His version of Open Meetings and mine seem far apart.

Of course his submission is being voted on this Wednesday I think, without any public meetings to discuss it. But, Michael knows best. Remember when we filed the suit and his public comments were that "there is no merit to this, we always comply with the law"

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