Monday, July 31, 2006

boston political downward spiral.....

Who does flaherty get to write his new regulations for the boston city council on open meeting laws? does he contact an expert on those rules? or the city law department? HARDLY, allegedly ann hess is writing his legal memos for him.

Mayor Menino is pushing a bill in the statehouse to allow developers (in his personal case Joe Fallon) to use district tax financing for their projects. What this does is essentially allow developers to be their own municipalities and have their tax dollars go to just their projects, as well as other things.

There are many reasons why this is bad for the common good...could be a country song there.

Meanwhile, the city councilors who are too busy to hold meetings are doing private business and personal items on 9 to 5, M - F time...

such as the attorney soliciting development business,
personal family business during city council meetings,

is it any surprise that scappiccio jumped to mintz for a 6 figure salary, wonder what his golden parachute was for getting the zoning code changed in the Fenway for fellow ex-city councilor

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