Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Russian Roulette with Politicians!!!

The Big Dig is news even on the local stations down here in New Orleans!! It's making NOLA seem safe!

I have an idea on how the public can be assured of how safe the Big Dig is. We can map out the Dig tunnels into 50' by 12' (standard road width) rectangles. We can put each rectangle into a random number generator. We can also put the name of each state legislator, Turnpike Authority Board member, the AG, and the Gov and Lt. Gov into another random generator.

After they have assured the public that the road is safe, one of them will be randomly selected each day and assigned to a randomly selected space where they can camp out for 24 hours (protected from traffic, of course....)

Maybe we could make it a reality TV show on BNN, see how they make good use of their time, writing, reading, interacting with the passers by, and of course count how many times their eyes roam roofward....

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