Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Near Riot at City Council today....

A bunch of boston youth packed the city hall chambers to demand more money for youth services, so the councilors took the time to go on and on for about 15 minutes apiece with their speeches about the budget. The kids started chanting something about "go ahead and vote, go ahead and vote..." the police were called in and cleared out the room. The kids were demanding more money for youth programs, I guess the budget was passed but the powers that be must have been worried because they got Tobin (who just had a baby, Congratulations!) and Kelly (still recovering) to show up around 1:30 to make sure the budget got passed.

Many councilors were yelling, some were trying to be peacemakers...

You can see the meeting online at

Rob Cansalvo said "New restrictions placed upon us this year due to rulings on Open Meetings-we're not even allowed to talk to each other any more"

What the councilors apparently don't understand is that the Open Meeting Law
isn't designed to squelch dialogue, just to have it in the open. Is it really so hard to call a meeting 48 hours ahead of time and sit down with your committe and talk about the numbers and ideas for the future? This would foster and encourage people to participate and soak in the greatness of our solons with their deep thoughts, and innovative ideas to make the city greater. Why are they hiding their bright lights of genius behind closed doors?

I'm sure Tobin doesn't like the Mayor stealing his ideas, many of which are very good and if given in the public they would be allowed to grow some legs and the good ones might get done.

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POPS said...

yeah not feeling the whole apprehension to having city youth there. obvious apprehension on people's faces