Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot in NOLA (random stories)

It appears that the "in depth research" that the compensation board did, was not so in depth. When the data comes it, it will show that the average salaries nationwide for city councilors is more in the 60K range. Not sure if any of the councilors saw the data before they voted themselves the raises either.

Speaking of fiscal watchdogs, I went to the Sox game Monday before heading back down here to the BIG EASY and I had a fascinating conversation with a couple of working class Bostonians. One was a police detective who retired recently because of the politics in the force. In particular when Dunford became powerful and carried out what was reported to be a personal vendetta against Dorchester Police Captain Armstrong, this gentleman decided he had had enough. I have heard nothing but great things about Captain Armstrong, and can not say enough about how impressed with him I was after spending a couple nights sleeping in the drug building in Codman square last summer. From the police I talk to, it will not be a good or popular move if Dunford become Commissioner.

The other gentleman I spoke to was a 30 year costodian in the Boston Public Schools. He was bending my ear telling me of all the wasted money he encountered; lists of supplies and materials supposedly supplied to his school that were never received, janitors not working all of their shifts or doing all of their responsibilities, roof leaks at the new Orchard School, etc., etc. Two very disturbing stories: he used to work at a school in the North End and would shovel the snow during the winter. One day he happened to be checking the budget for the school and saw that a contractor from Hyde Park had the contract to shovel that snow. He had never seen the guy in 5 years at the school. He reported it to his bosses who quickly hush, hushed the whole thing and told him to keep quiet about it. This was from 94 to 98 or so. Any investigative reporter want to check out the story? Secondly, he said he talked to councilors Feeney and Hennigan about the waste of money in the schools but that they weren't interested in pursuing anything.

Of course, you have to take everything you hear from a guy at a Red Sox game with a grain of salt...but his in depth details of stuff, and people, and how often there are 5 people hired to do the work of two is very disturbing and is hard to have to listen to and accept. So much money is being wasted out of our tax dollars, but yet no one at City Hall wants to really sharpen the pencil and save our money so it could go to better causes such as rec centers, youth jobs and more cops.....

Anyway, the Sox won, so it is all good. It is so hot down here in NOLA, if youwant to lose weight, head south....


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