Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feeney Budget Comments at St. Mark's last night

These were the transcribed notes of a constituent in Dorchester of what Maureen Feeney had to say about the budget issue:

1) It turns out that she has had yet another meeting with "Corporate Council", and they have determined that while it is true that the Ordinance was approved by the City Council in 1979 and was sent to Mayor White, he did not sign the ordinance. However, he did not veto it either so after 14 days, it became a city ordinance, but since the mayor did not sign it, it is really a "lesser" city ordinance and doesn't carry that much weight. "A lesser city ordinance" is a direct quote.

2) It is the opinion of "Corporate Council" that it is not legally acceptable for an Ordinance to mandate budgeting and spending, so while it may appear to be a good thing in principle, they are under no real obligation to comply with it because it is joint responsibility of the Mayor and City Council to set and approve the budget.

and, you are going to think I am kidding with this one, but

3) Sam Yoon is trying to undermine the City of Boston because he waited until the last minute to raise objections to the budget, and now intends to vote NO until he can get greater funding for youth workers and police. If the budget isn't passed TODAY, then some rule kicks in that makes all funding of everything based on some predetermined rule ("Level Funding" ?) and all of the hard work of the last few months will be for nothing and this will be a disaster for the city. Once again, she must vote YES on the budget today to avoid a total disaster.

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