Thursday, June 22, 2006

Data does not support City Council Raise

The compensation board for the city of boston found that the median pay nationwide for city councilors was about $62,000. The Councilors previous pay was $75,000 and they just voted themselves a pay raise to $87,500. (The process of how the pay raise got voted on is a subject of another open meeting lawsuite)

To see the study yourself, look at my website, it should be posted by the end of the day.

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the sak said...

Please look into the Boston
Finance Commission violations
by Boston Finance Commissioner
Paul Minihane and Jeff Conley.

By Michael Jonas

Last year, it was a lawsuit charging
that the City Council had repeatedly
violated the state's Open Meeting Law by
conducting public business behind closed
doors. The plaintiffs scored a slam-dunk
victory, with a Suffolk Superior Court
judge lambasting the council for its
violations of the law. The same
residents are now back for more, filing
suit last month alleging that the
council again violated the Open Meeting
statute in its handling of the pay raise
it recently handed to itself, the mayor,
and other city officials.