Friday, November 04, 2005

The Reviews are IN!

Many, many people called to thank me for running or to give me a conciliatory thanks. It was truly nice. As mentioned earlier, Matt O'Malley and Ed Flynn were first up, and so I thank them first again.

John Connolly called to say I ran a great race, it was nice for us to meet (and his dad and my mom had a great time vying for votes in West Roxbury, neither giving a quarter), and that he learned a lot from me. He also thought my letter to Joan Venotti was right on, and I appreciate him reading. Perhaps I can be his moral voice of conscience on his shoulder as he climbs the ranks! I appreciate his comments to me about keeping up the integrity of my blog.

Felix Arroyo called and said I had run "the most honest campaign I have ever seen", which is truly an honored statement coming from him. Although one of my disappointments on the campaign was I (obviously naively) thought others would run honest campaigns on their issues, and he in particular was the one I looked to to be a beacon to follow, but it was not to be.

Althea Garrison and I had a great conversation. I really grew to respect her on the campaign. She is not a joke, and 90 percent of what she has to say is really true and right on the money. She also knew where everyone else was, and of how most of these people will say or do anything to get elected. I respect anyone that runs.

Joe Ready and I exchanged voice mails and quick comment.

Michael Flaherty sent a card saying if I ever needed anything to call. (Yes, I need you to take your position of authority, settle the lawsuit with me and give the city council some power over the BRA, as I explained to you in the parking lot in Mission Hill. But you don't want the council to have any authority over the BRA because you hope to be Mayor and use that incredible power to keep yourself Mayor for as many terms as you want. DONT YOU EVER say the BRA isn't responsive to you, because you had the power to make them answer to you and you gave it away.)

Murphy thanked me for running a real campaign, with real issues that I truly believed in to try and make the city better. Steve is much more than the caricuture of him sometimes made out in the public. I wish him luck. I seconded the nomination to endorse Murphy and Connolly (who were the only ones to come to our ward) at our ward meeting.

Perhaps the nicest though was Attorney General Reilly who wrote a letter:

Dear Mr. McCrea:

I wanted to acknowledge the sincere effort you put forth in your recent campaign.

You displayed a sense of civic responsibility and genuine drive that is far too rare in politics these days, and I didn't want your hard work to go unnoticed. I hope that this loss does not discourage you in the future, and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


Thomas Reilly

The only time I met Mr. Reilly, I was grilling him for saying he lived paycheck to paycheck. I'm really impressed, and honored that he even noticed me or knew who I was.

No word from Sam Yoon or Patricia White.


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