Monday, November 14, 2005

In court with Professional Lawyer (pronounced Liar in LA) Sweeney today...

Well todays latest waste of my time in court was the result of city council's counsel Mark Sweeney explaining to the judge that he didn't understand the judge's order to be ready for the pre-trial conference today, that he needed more time to produce a motion, that he didn't have there.
It was a bit like the boy trying to explain he didn't do his homework with a bunch of excuses for the teacher, when EVERYONE knows he didn't do it.
In this case Sweeney purposefully didn't do it, because he used his slimy lawyerly tricks to get us to give him our pre-trial memorandum so that he could see what we were going to do, without him showing us what he was going to do (even though the burden of proof is on the defendants).
The judge chastised him for 10 minutes or so but then gave him an extra week of time, thus further wasting everyone's time.
He had said to me personnally that he would work with us on a joint pre-trial memorandum, so he went back on his word, which some would call a lie.
But really, he is just taking one for the team of Menino, flaherty, et al. Protecting their way of doing business in the dark, away from the prying eyes of the press and public.

He again reiterated that the city council has no control or influence whatsoever over the BRA, planning and zoning in the city. Do the minions he represents agree wholeheartedly?

Atty. Nelson has left working for the city to go to Mintz, Levin. I can't believe I'm helping Mintz with a pro bono case when they keep hiring guys like Scappiccio and Nelson.

Just like Diane Wilkerson's kid being hired by the DA, I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with politics!!!!

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