Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Only 13 Carpenters being trained by BPS???

I went to Madison Park High school last week to meet with the carpentry division to offer internships or summer job opportunities or jobs for graduates.
Turns out there are only 13 carpenters in the senior class in Boston. With all of our historic buildings, I'm sure the city can use more than 13 carpenters. So if you are looking or know a kid who is, there is a great opportunity to make 50K plus a year working in Boston, where the city clearly isn't training enough people to do the job.

It is more than many phd's make who have 9 years of post high school education....

Virtually none of them are ready for prime time according to the administrator, but he did say the program is getting better after hitting rock bottom about 5 years ago (about year 8 of the Menino administration)

I'm proud to be a carpenter!!

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