Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I choose to be happy!

A couple mornings ago in New Orleans I woke up and just decided to not let my anger and cynicism get to me. I will be happy!

I'm really so lucky. To go from suicidal childhood with abusive alchoholic father, to being happily married to a wonderful woman, having a killer stereo, a motorcycle and a place of my own who am I to ask for more.

There are so many people down in New Orleans who have lost everything, but they are soldiering on. They have been let down by their institutions, local, state, federal. So many promises, such lack of action.

I happened to be driving past the Benjamin Franklin School on Tuesday morning as I was listening to NPR talk about the first public school opening in N.O. It is a former magnet school in the Garden District (an older area, that is affluent and mostly white that didn't get flooded), that is now an open elementary school. I looked over as I drove by and saw perhaps a couple hundred young children, everyone I saw was black, except for some white teachers. Anyone with means in N.O. sends their kid to private school. I see in N.O. what could happen to Boston if the deterioration is allowed to continue. It could never get that bad, I believe, but you see what cronyism, corruption does in time of need. They abandon the people and just take care of themselves.

Where are the leaders???

Anyhow, I will do the best I can, take care of my family, try to help out where I can, and be happy!

On a positive note, N.O. is coming back slowly but surely. I had dinner in the french quarter the other day, and there are definitely more people there every time I go there. There is more traffic every day. But, most people are waiting for answers...what will be rebuilt, when, and what about the levees??? There has been no answer. Everyone needs workers, but wages are low and there is no place to live.

By the way, there are some abandoned jeeps and BMW's in my neighborhood on the streets anyone need any parts?

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

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