Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where did Patricia White go to school???

I received this email from a constituent about where Patricia White went to school:

There is an article in the Globe today about Ptricia White and what elementary school she went to.

She said she went to the Josiah Quincy Elementary School, it was 1975. she was bused. the students knew who she was and bothered her all the time, because of who her parents were.

I e-mailed the Globe that Patricia White was in the Prince Elementary School in 1975, I was a student there at the same time, I find it interesting that she does not mention the fact that she went to the Prince, as it was the oldest school in Boston, was also required and had all Masters Degree teachers, this was also the year it celebrated its 100th birthday before it was turned into condos, then there was never another elementary school in that area ever again.

Plus, as far as bothering Patricia White, everyone knew who she was, she was in fact popular, no one ever bothered her at the Prince School in 1975.

It will be interesting to see if the Globe responds to me.


fjp23 said...

Kevin I have loved your straight talk about the people running this year. I have met all of them and my observatons are as follows.

1) Steve Murphey is a nice guy

2) John Conley is a lair and a fraud. The reason being I have many gay friends that live in the back bay. At a event John was talking about all people have a right to marry and the state should not stop them and even though there gay it shouldn't be a issue. Then he was telling soem women about how he is for a womens right to choose. Before the primary my elderly aunt who lives in West Roxbury met John at a event i think that was affilated with her church. At this event John was telling all the church ladies how he was pro life and that marriage is strictly between a man and a women. Hearing this all the old ladies loved him she told me I had to vote for him becuase he was " a good boy" her and all her friends gave him a bullet vote. I sadly had to tell my aunt he was playing them like a fiddel. Imagine preying and lying to old people to get votes what a fraud. Hes a fraud on residency too telling the police one thing and other people soemthing else. Sounds like our own little John Kerry

President Flaherty seems like a hardworker but comes off a little to slick for me i counted all my fingers after shaking his hand.

Ed Flynn is a very hard worker i have met him more then any other person running...

Matt O'malley is working hard met him a lot but he has never left his mothers basment.

Sam Yoon- Sounds like a southern right winger when he goes off about his faith and how its so important to him, but then supports abortion go figure..

Pat White= FAKE

I have only met felix once and found him to be a dleightful nice man who is not connected and comes with no strings attached

Thats mthought on the election Kevin keep it up you are reaching a new geneartion of people who need to be informed

WestRox said...

The whole school thing with Patricia White is a little sketchy. She went to the Winsor School, upscale Boston private girls school, in the 80's and never breathes a word of it.

WestRox said...
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WestRox said...
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