Thursday, October 27, 2005

how elections are won...

The day before the primary there was a meeting called at the jewish elderly center in Brighton. Flaherty, White and Connolly were called there where Naak (yiddish for Noah) and block voters of russian jews voted en mass for them, about 350 votes.

We (and everyone else) had contacted Naak, in yiddish, but he said he was old and didn't get involved in politics anymore. I knew a blow off when I heard it!

This is what makes politics so fascinating. I'd love to know what goes on in those meetings, what is promised or what deals are made. I spoke to one of the participants of the meeting and they couldn't tell me how they were even invited to the meeting it was a mystery to that person, but they were happy with the 350 votes! (not sure i quite believe that)

Nobody invited me to any meetings to get 350 votes without me even knowing why. I wonder what I was doing wrong???!!!! Maybe I didn't hire the right family members.

At least I hope that participant said "thanks dad!" that night.

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