Monday, October 31, 2005

"We need to do better"

"We need to do better" is the mantra of polical candidates who have nothing to say, as I've been saying for the last 6 months or so. Of course we can do better, nobody is perfect, so it is like saying you love your mother when you say "we need to do better about ___________"(fill in the blank: housing, education, transparency...)

So, I was talking to Dan from the Courant today who said he had been at a bunch of candidates debates and I asked him if anything interesting had come up, and he said "nothing memorable, but I kept hearing 'we need to do better' and thought of you....

Made me laugh.

Yes we need to do better, the question is HOW are you going to make it better. Haven't heard much about that.

HOW are you going to hire more teachers
HOW are you going to increase PILOT programs (when the mayor hasn't done it)
HOW are you going to pay for more cops

Of course the biggest way is to stop giving the tax and property giveaways to the corporate insiders and friends of the politicians but they won't speak out about that, will they?

Anyone asking if the Forsythe Institute is going to pay rent on the piece of land the city owns but they are using until the legal stuff gets done? That's probably going to be a years worth of free parking in the fenway for 40 cars. Not too shabby....

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