Wednesday, October 12, 2005

random notes...

mayor menino " government is cold and callous" BC HIGH breakfast

Patricia Armstrong "teachers need to get more recognition"...
(don't keep supporting all the incumbents, if your friend jumped off the brooklyn bridge would you do it too?)

Billy Bulger ...."altruism"...
( on the morning it is reported he is suing the state for more pension money, as if 160,000 isn't enough already)


Rosa Benito said...

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the sak said...

WBZ's Paul Sullivan talks to the candidates
for mayor of Boston,
Incumbent Mayor Thomas Menino and
Councilwoman Maura Hennigan,
in this 4-part debate heard only on WBZ and the Paul Sullivan Show.
Menino/Hennigan Mayoral Debate
Friday 14 October 2005

Mayoral Candidates Square Off
in Town Meeting
Wednesday 28 September 2005
Mayor Tom Menino and
City Councilor Maura Hennigan
fielded questions from voters on taxes, crime,
education, and affordable housing in a live one-hour Greater Boston Town Meeting.

Mayor Menino is running for
a fourth term in office.
Councilor Hennigan, a 24-year veteran of the
Boston City Council, is making her first run for Mayor.

About one hundred registered voters from across Boston attended the Town Meeting.

The format called for voters to
ask the candidates questions with
follow-up inquiries from Greater Boston host
Emily Rooney, moderator for the Town Meeting.