Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sam Yoon "Trash Talking" to Arroyo and Turner!!!

I was at the Ward 4 committee meeting last night when they were considering whom to endorse. When the names came around to Mr. Yoon there was some interesting commentary by Kyle of Felix Arroyo's office, who is a Ward 4 committee member.

Kyle informed the members of the committee that Sam Yoon had recently been "trash talking" in the Boston Banner about Councilor's Turner and Arroyo. Yoon apparently said that although the two councilors were decent people they didn't get anything done and so they were relatively worthless on the council. Yoon indicated that people should vote for him, because he knows how to get things done.

Kyle also cautioned members that Sam really hasn't taken many positions or stands on anything and so people don't really know what his position is on topics so people won't know what he will do if elected to the council.

Sam did not get the endorsement of the Ward 4 committee, only Felix Arroyo received their vote.


Sam Yoon said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I have attached Sam's letter to the editor of the Bay State Banner regarding these claims made at the Ward 4 endorsement meeting on Tuesday night. Below is Sam's letter, as well
as a link to the original Banner article. Again, I appreciate Kevin's zeal in bringing this matter to everyone's attention, I only wish he would have gotten the whole story.
Thank you,
Andrew Kain
Campaign Manager
Sam Yoon for City Council

Dear Editor,

I am writing you because of the confusion caused by an article that was printed in the 12/23/04 edition of the Banner. Please let me state, for the record, that I am a strong supporter of councilors Arroyo, Turner and Yancey. Unfortunately, in the Banner I was quoted in such a way that suggested that I wished to distance myself from these same city councilors, whom I respect very much. This is an unfortunate suggestion, because nothing is farther from the truth.

I sought the advice and counsel of Felix, Chuck, and Charles before making my decision to run because I have nothing but the utmost respect for these men and what they stand for, and because I consider them my friends. My quote in the Banner article was placed next to a sentence that referred to "critics" of these councilors, as if I were one of their critics. I am not. I am a supporter and an ally. As I campaign, I naturally need to establish my own political identity, with my own set of progressive values and my own approaches to policymaking. But the issues they are fighting for -- better use of school quality measurements and indicators, or protection for vulnerable tenants against unreasonable rent increases, just to name a few -- I will fight for as well.

I am in politics for the same reason they are: because our city government needs better representation. And good representation calls for unity, not divisiveness.

Sam Yoon

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