Sunday, July 03, 2005

Champions! & Happy July 4th

The Giants Win! The Giants Win! The Giants Win!

In a great three game series the my South End Youth Baseball Giants won the Championship over the Rangers, winning 6-3 on Thursday. I was sad to have to beat my good friend Scott's team, but it was wonderful to see the kids come together as a team, supporting each other, not getting too down after a loss, and most importantly being good sportsmen in their victory. Congratulations to them, and thank you for the memories, and for always reminding me that there are many more important things than money or a city council race. Things like being there, being a friend, teaching, listening and leading by example.

People talk about the cliched "new boston", but as the Who sing "meet the new boss, same as the old boss". The future of Boston to me is these kids I coach who are black and white, hispanic and asian, upper middle class to being so poor that their families can't afford a glove. And they all get along and make friends and rivals, oblivious to how others might typecast them.
Is it any different from when my great grandparents came from Ireland and found an established class that looked at those who spoke with an accent as beneath them. Or perhaps even harder for those who spoke a different language, like the Italians. The lesson to be learned is that by being accepting, friendly and open minded we can learn and grow from our differences to become an even greater city. Maybe then we can turn the phrase the new Boston to mean a place where everyone feels welcome, and feels the positive energy of a multicultural society.

I wrote a long blog the other night then hit the delete key accidently, so to sum up:

-I called Councilor Scapiccio's office who referred me to Mintz, Levin. I asked for 5 to 10 minutes of his time and was told they'd call me back. I'm still waiting. That's 3 councilors who are supposed to be "getting back" to me. Common courtesy would be to at least call me back to say they are too busy.

-Mintz, Levin (who I'm helping on a pro bono case) called back on Monday to say they are not sure what he is going to be doing but that he will probably start August 15th, and be working in MLstrategies. They have a website you can check out the services they offer to large businesses and clients. Again, I'd like to hear why this is not a conflict of interest.

-I spoke at the Ward 5, 9 and 11 candidates night. After I spoke, Felix Arroyo and his aid Kyle both congratulated me on giving a great speech. Thank you very much for the compliments. Felix is a very decent man, with excellent ideas, who often stands up for principle. I hope that he gets re-elected. It is clear from campaigning around the city that people hold him in a high regard and I believe that he will be easily re-elected. As the old saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Felix Arroyo is part of the solution.

Later that night, Ed Flynn, Patricia White and I spoke at Ward 20. I (as usual) probably talked too long, but I think my points went over well. Patricia's "aunt" who introduced her came over afterward and asked for my literature and made some supportive comments. When Ed (who has been a perfect gentleman on the campaign trail, and who seems to genuinely care about substance abuse) and I were walking outside after the meeting he told me that I was "right on" with everything I was speaking about: housing, education and the giving away and waste of money at city hall. I appreciate that comment and his integrity in being able to be honest with me. On this Fourth of July weekend, I salute you as a veteran who has served this country and best of luck with your coming baby.

-We interviewed three inner city kids from the O'Bryant school for our summer intern program.
They were all very good. Amazing how kids with 3.5 gpa's can't get any work, and are excited to be working for me for minimum wage. Meanwhile, Boston Water and Sewer is hiring the kids of the heads of the division for $12 bucks an hour. Jobs like this should be posted on the city website and we can have competition for the job and save the city money as well. This is what Equal Access to government is all about.

-Kathleen Devine and I were on BNN's talk of the neighborhood with Joe Heisler speaking about our lawsuit versus the City Council. The show was great, and thanks to Joe for addressing the issue. Next on his show was former city councilor Tom Keane. Joe asked Tom is there was anything to the suit. Tom answered that Kevin is absolutely right about this and that closed door meetings go on all the time to decide issues. They put 6 people in a room, and then another 6 so that they don't have a quorom. Thanks for telling it like it is Tom. Ask your city council candidate if they participate in these meetings and take that into consideration when voting.

-We have a hearing date of August 11 for the City's motion to dismiss our lawsuit.

Enjoy the weekend, get outside and get some exercise and stop reading these blogs!!!



the sak said...

the sak said...

Contact your favorite Boston candidates...


Maura A. Hennigan 56 Woodland Road Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130
H - 617-524-6532 W - 617-635-4217
Thomas M. Menino 102 Chesterfield Street Readville Ma, 02137
H - 617-361-6364 W - 617-635-3151


Edward M. Flynn 254 Gold Street South Boston, Ma 02127
H - 617-269-0776
Althea Garrison 644 Dudley Street Dorchester, Ma 02125
H - 617-407-7661 W - 617-973-2402
Matt O'Malley 1385 Centre Street Roslindale, Ma 02131
H - 617-325-2917
John R. Connolly 12 Shaw Street West Roxbury, Ma 02132
H - 617-323-6672 W - 617-553-0707

Joseph Ready 27 Saint Stephen Street Boston, Ma 02115
H - 617-536-5632 W - 617-305-1639
Martin J. Hogan 12 Linden Street South Boston, Ma 02127
H - 617-269-5439
Patricia H. White 1052 South Street Roslindale, Ma 02131
H - 617-947-9314
Felix D Arroyo 5 Wharton Court Hyde Park, Ma 02136
W - 617-635-3115

Roy Owens 6 Woodville Street Roxbury, Ma 02119
H - 617-541-4335
Stephen J. Murphy 933 Metropolitan Avenue Hyde Park, Ma 02136
H - 617-361-3339 W -- 617-635-4376
Laura Garza 86 Orient Avenue East Boston, Ma 02128
H - 617-569-5854 W -- 617-359-7973
Michael F. Flaherty 1726 Columbia Road South Boston, Ma 02127
H - 617-269-4673 W -- 617-635-4205

Kevin R. McCrea 218 West Springfield Street Boston, Ma 02118
H - 617-267-2453 W -- 617-504-0339
Sam Yoon 39 Waldeck Street Dorchester, Ma 02124
H - 617-288-1241
Gregory Joseph O'Connell 39 Arborough Road Roslindale Ma, 02131
H - 617-325-5284 W -- 617-641-6428


Paul Scapicchio 89 Gladstone Street East Boston, Ma 02128
H - 617-569-6304 W -- 617-635-3200
Ben Joplin 10 Wiget Street Boston, Ma 02113

Susan M. Passoni 121 Chandler Street Boston, Ma 02116
H - 617-262-6161
James M. Jim Kelly 5A Bantry Way South Boston, Ma 02127
H - 617-268-5319 W -- 617-635-3203

Maureen E. Feeney 160 Milton Street Dorchester, Ma 02124
W - 617-635-3455
Michael J. Cote 336 Adams Street Dorchester, Ma 02122
H -- 617-265-1433 W - 617-926-0504

Charles Calvin Yancey 3 Hooper Street Dorchester, Ma 02124
H -- 617-436-4444 W - 617-635-3131
J. R. Rucker 103 Tonawanda Street Dorchester, Ma 02124
H -- 617-436-0815 W -- 781-677-7200

Rob Consalvo 18A Chittick Road Hyde Park, Ma 02136
H - 617-361-5733 W - 617-635-4210

at the

John M. Tobin Jr. 51 Joyce Kilmer Road West Roxbury, Ma 02132
H - 617-327-3634 W - 617-635-4220
Gibran Rivera 93 Forest Hills Street Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130
H - 617-983-8683 W - 617-290-0653

Chuck Turner 63 Beech Glen Street Roxbury, Ma 02119
H - 617-427-1667 W - 617-635-3510

Michael P Ross 451/2 Garden Street Boston, Ma 02114
H - 617-742-1739 W - 617-635-4225

Jerry McDermott 70 Burton Street Brighton, Ma 02135
H - 617-254-6166 W - 617-635-3114
Daniel Kontoff 324 Chestnut Hill Avenue Brighton, Ma 02135
H - 617-734-9415 W - 617-935-2402
Paul F. Creighton Jr. 10 Park Vale Avenue Allston, Ma 02134
H - 617-787-5810

File name: CANDCERTPHONES6_9_05_05.doc |
File type: application/msword
elections at

the sak said...

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