Thursday, November 02, 2006

Show Me the Money!!!

I gave a powerpoint presentation last night at the Association of Boston Neighborhood's meeting in the Fenway. It was called "Show Me the Money!" and it tries to simply explain how much money the city of boston has, where we get that money, who pays, who doesn't, how the government gives away millions of our tax dollars, and how we can afford more cops.

I'd like to thank Sam Yoon for sending one of his office staff over to learn about this stuff. The biggest boondoggle coming down the Pike is that the Mayor is about to give away 100 million to 200 Million dollars worth of our money when he gives away the Winthrop Square garage to the BRA for FREE!!!!

I implored (I believe it was Frank) Councilor Yoon's representative to try and get Sam to at least have the Mayor give the property away with a 99 year lease which is common in large government transactions so that 100 years from now our grandchildren will be given this large gift from our generation to help pay their taxes!!

The Globe was there as well and hopefully they might write something about it. Last night was the beta test, and we have some tweaking to do, but hopefully we will be able to post this on the ABN website: and bring it around the city to help educate the citizens about how the city works.

Off to New Orleans, can't wait to see Kermit Ruffins tonight in the Bywater! Unbelievable, but one of my tenants down there is complaining about getting the heat turned on. It's only 70 degrees!!!

Make sure and vote next tuesday, I won't be in town but I voted at City Hall which is Open weekdays till 4:30 to vote and saturdays from 10 to 2. Let your voice be heard. One vote for Deval from my camp!

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