Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MBTA workers Union jumping on Open Meeting Bandwagon

In what I'm sure will be an example of why you should hire a lawyer, the MBTA workers union today filed an Open Meeting Lawsuit against the Turnpike Board. They went into executive session to discuss taking down the tolls, without really giving a valid reason as to which of the exemptions to the Open Meeting Law they were going into executive session over.

Shirley Kressel was at the meeting and told members present that a violation was occurring. One of the "old" turnpike board members even chided one of the new Romney appointees about "so, this is the new and transparent board, huh?"

The amazing thing is that they got their hearing scheduled in 10 days!!! While we have had to wait months and years for our suit to get resolved. Clearly, knowledgeable lawyers are better than pro se citizens like us.

Can't wait to find how they did it, maybe a short order of notice.

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