Saturday, November 18, 2006

Judge questions City Council's ability to comprehend

We received "entry" in the first open meeting lawsuit yesterday. Yes, the council is guilty of repeated violations in a serial fashion of the Open Meeting Law. One line in particular from Judge Holtz's decision stood out:

"It is unclear as to just how many decisions the Supreme Judicial Court and/or injunctions are necessary for the defendants to comprehend that the Open Meeting Law means just that-
open meetings."

I couldn't say it any better.

Perhaps the future MCAS multiple choice questionaire would be as follows:

If you are a legislative branch politician, Open Meetings means what:

1) Have your aids talk to their aids to work everything out so you won't be bothered
2) Have a quorum minus one meet in a room while the others stand outside and
don't let anyone know about it
3) Have Open Meetings
4) Just do what the Executive Branch tells you to

Remember, 3 is the magic number!

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